Champagne silver set

FI 049 SET


Set of 4 pieces
Bottle opener humidor set with vacuum sealer every day
Weight 644 g

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Champagne silver set

For lovers of cava, we present this set, which includes: cava, vacuum cap and a cooling cover.

If you want to surprise your friends, what you need is this set.

On the one hand, avoid the risk that the stopper will explode with the cava opener.

Its design facilitates the removal of the cork because, with a simple touch, it leaves immediately.

On the other hand, use the cap for cava and champagne which slows down the oxidation process and conserves its properties for longer.

Once opened the bottle, insert the stopper and rotate the top for correct sealing.

Finally, keep the beverage cold with the freezer freezer with grey gel, which is removed from the freezer and placed on the bottle to cool.

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